A little bit of sunshine… hopefully đŸ˜Ž

I sometimes get a little nudge to do something for another. Given that I’m not really a people person I often find it challenging to engage in conversation with persons not known to me so it was rather surprising that I received a little nudge to make a blanket for a lovely lady who is going through a rather tough time. Do I know her? Absolutely not. My better half does know her husband and happened to mention to me that this lady was having surgery for a disease that it seems 1 in 3 people we know have, and I was vexed thinking about her and her 3 very young children.

Anyhow the feeling grew and the yarn was duly ordered so I waited for the postie to drop the familiar package in through my front porch window which he duly did in a day or two. The blanket was commenced with enthusiasm and I was enjoying my new found ripple pattern however I was somewhat apprehensive about the purpose of this crochet project and a little unsure of whether I should indeed give it to the recipient simply because it felt rather bazaar to be crocheting something for a complete stranger that I would undoubtedly have to meet to present this gift.

As I worked away I kept thinking of how it might bring some comfort to the lady in question and how I really hoped and prayed that she would make a full and speedy recovery and somehow I was reassured from within that I was doing the right thing. The blanket was completed in time to deliver it personally just a few days after Christmas. I was nervous and really didn’t know what I was going to say although when her husband opened the front door my nerves disappeared (my husband had a vague idea where they lived but he also knew what cars they drove which helped in locating the house) as he had the loveliest wee boy clinging to his leg. I explained who I was and why I was there and then handed over the blanket. Whilst asking about his wife the lady in question appeared looking a little fragile but smiling widely. Behind her came the most beautiful little toddler holding her fluffy rabbit and trying to tell me all about the little figures held tightly in her chubby fists. My heart was breaking just taking in this wonderful family scene and I wasn’t the one facing a lifetime of uncertainty.

A card accompanied the blanket explaining that it was created to bring comfort, to keep warm, to bring a little sunshine into the day, to remind us that others care and to let the recipient know that I truly believe that she is safe in God’s hands and that he has everything under control. If I am privileged to make another blanket then I trust that it will bring some comfort and a little sunshine into someone else’s life.

Baby Chili Ripple…

Haven’t been here for a while but I have been keeping myself busy with crochet projects and other yummy things.  So…finished a baby blanket for a friend who is a lady in waiting however I didn’t really think that she would like it so I started another one in ripple pattern (love this pattern) and here it is so far…DSCF0577

Also, to keep me sane during the long dull evenings, I decided to make some Chili Jam which I dutifully did and put it into some lovely jars which I sourced on my many retail therapy trips. Have to leave it for one month to let the ingredients do their magic but I’ll wait…excellence should not be rushed!

Maybe I should post the recipe too??DSCF0578