Can’t wait…must crochet!

I am developing my patience however when it comes to crocheting then it’s out the window. I had to pay a visit to my local stash shop and purchase some more lovely yarn. Now I must tell you that visiting this shop is not the wonderful experience that we would all love to have when we decide to create another crochet masterpiece (lol!) and support our local traders whilst doing so. No…this is not a pleasant experience mainly due to the fact the the owners of the shop (mum and daughter) are devoid of any habitual social skills which would encourage a customer to return and repeat their experience. Absolutely no interest is taken in establishing what you might be crocheting, knitting etc. and no conversation passes their lips unless they are forced to respond to a genuine question and then and only then do they wake up and take notice of you. So, there I was in the shop deciding what colours to buy and the assistant didn’t even take the time to say hello or even look my way and let’s face it, I’m not small by any means so you would notice me if I entered the 10 x 10 shop. Granted I do like to take my time browsing over the colours, matching them up, maybe choosing different brands and maybe, just maybe putting them all back and starting the deciding process over again but I always buy something and on this recent occasion I spent quite a bit of my hard earned cash (well ok it’s maybe not hard earned but I do have to show up at work to get the money). Anyway I actually got a thank you from the daughter and a smile; possibly due to the fact that I bought 12 balls of lovely yarn or maybe she had wind and I mistook it for a smile..I’ll probably never know…..
Anyway here is my purchase…well what could fit into the basket. DSCF0539


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