Ripple inspiration

Morning All,

New project started and…yes…last project still on the hook but very nearly finished.  I couldn’t resist buying some wool on my last wee trip to the city and succumbed to the gorgeous colours of Drops Nepal and of course decided to make another blanket…but what style? I needed a challenge. Then the green-eyed monster caught up with me when I saw Hookitydoodah’s post about her ripple blanket…wanted it!! So that’s my new project.

Folks, never underestimate the power of a good friend, especially one that can crochet better than you…a big thank you to my friend Lizzy for instructing me on the ripple pattern. Who would have thought she would have had so much patience!!!

I have ripped this out so many times and I’m still not convinced that I have it right but as usual, I’ll keep going and see what it turns out like.  Didn’t buy enough wool though so I had to rummage around in my stash and finally found some equal weighted yarn to add a little more colour and make it bespoke. Gained some inspiration this morning when I went walkies along the beach…so beautiful I couldn’t help take a photo or two and the waves reminded me of my ripple pattern and I felt duty bound to borrow a few pebbleDSCF0550s to sit along side my blanket 🙂DSCF0546


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