Rippletastic…finished at last! So what’s next?

So the ripple blanket is finally finished and I am so pleased with it.  As it’s 100% wool it is rather heavy and I found out just how heavy it was when I lugged down to the beach this morning to take a wee photo…don’t worry it was 8.00am and not too many folk were up and out so I wasn’t seen.  After my friend Lizzy suggested that I take a photo using props I couldn’t think of a better prop than the railing which runs along the promenade so I flung it over and snapped away.  Mind you I’m no Lord Lichfield when it comes to photography but it’s documented now and I’m happy with it.DSCF0565

So what’s next then?  Well another blanket of course…silly question really.  I couldn’t resist another blanket in ripple stitch so I opted for something blue perhaps for one of the lovely men in my life although I did show him the colours and he thought they were a bight bright. Navy, black and dark grey were the preferred colours however I explained that crocheting such dark colours would be a bit of a nightmare so I’m settling on these colours and hopefully they will compliment each other and produce another lovely blanket.  What more could a girl want?DSCF0564


2 thoughts on “Rippletastic…finished at last! So what’s next?

  1. OMG AHHHH that is beautiful, I just love love love it….. I would just ove to be snuggling under that bad boy on a winters night. The colours would even warm you 🙂 Can’t wait to see the blue on when its finished..

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