Look at it…not for it!

So there I was slaving away in work when my phone rings and it’s a colleague from another office whispering, ‘This isn’t about work, I’m looking for another crochet bag…have you got any?’

(I’ve made a few bags and they went down well with the girlies at work) Yep I had a couple…well one completely finished and two that required lining and decorating so I told her the colours of the 3 and of course she picked one that wasn’t lined..no problem, I thought…’and when would you need it for’ I asked chirpily?  ‘Today’ came the reply.  My heart sank but I promised that the best I could do was bring it into work in the morning as I couldn’t just pop home and collect it.  I had one night to finish the said bag…not a lot of time considering I was going out after work and wouldn’t be home till around 9.  Anyway I came home from work and decided on the lining and the decoration…here it is.

DSCF0574Now I know what you’re all thinking… sure it wouldn’t take long to line that bag…well you’re wrong!  Measuring the time it takes to line one of these bags never crossed my mind until now and so I decided to time myself. Firstly I had to measure the material for the lining and add enough of a contrasting colour to ensure that I had a good couple of inches to go over the top.  I then used my sewing machine to sew the lining pieces together, not forgetting the pocket which is sewn into the lining along with one of my wee labels.  After fitting the lining I then had to hand sew the border to the bag, attach the trim (by hand), crochet the granny squares for the handles then hand sew linings to each of the squares; attach buttons to the squares, fit and sew each handle down to the bag, times two of course; oh and also adding the crochet flowers by hand and the whole delightful process actually took me 3 1/2  hours!  I started just after 9 pm when I came home and finished at 1.40 am.  Maybe I’m a slow sewer but somehow I don’t think that I am.  Anyway, it’s finished and here’s the end product.


And the moral of the story is…don’t look for it, look at it. I will make sure I’m prepared for the next time…that’s if there is one.


One thought on “Look at it…not for it!

  1. I love your bags, they are fabulously ‘granny chic’. Your colleague is a very lucky lady, not many people would sit until after 1 in the morning. She will probably be totally unaware of your hard work. 😠.

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