Baby Ripple finished….

So I finally finished my baby ripple blanket and I love it!

Had a photo shoot early this morning much to the delight of one dog walker who seemed very interested in what I was doing on the rocks down at the beach….merely endeavoring to find a suitable position for my blanket. Continue reading


Baby Chili Ripple…

Haven’t been here for a while but I have been keeping myself busy with crochet projects and other yummy things.  So…finished a baby blanket for a friend who is a lady in waiting however I didn’t really think that she would like it so I started another one in ripple pattern (love this pattern) and here it is so far…DSCF0577

Also, to keep me sane during the long dull evenings, I decided to make some Chili Jam which I dutifully did and put it into some lovely jars which I sourced on my many retail therapy trips. Have to leave it for one month to let the ingredients do their magic but I’ll wait…excellence should not be rushed!

Maybe I should post the recipe too??DSCF0578