Rippletastic…finished at last! So what’s next?

So the ripple blanket is finally finished and I am so pleased with it.  As it’s 100% wool it is rather heavy and I found out just how heavy it was when I lugged down to the beach this morning to take a wee photo…don’t worry it was 8.00am and not too many folk were up and out so I wasn’t seen.  After my friend Lizzy suggested that I take a photo using props I couldn’t think of a better prop than the railing which runs along the promenade so I flung it over and snapped away.  Mind you I’m no Lord Lichfield when it comes to photography but it’s documented now and I’m happy with it.DSCF0565

So what’s next then?  Well another blanket of course…silly question really.  I couldn’t resist another blanket in ripple stitch so I opted for something blue perhaps for one of the lovely men in my life although I did show him the colours and he thought they were a bight bright. Navy, black and dark grey were the preferred colours however I explained that crocheting such dark colours would be a bit of a nightmare so I’m settling on these colours and hopefully they will compliment each other and produce another lovely blanket.  What more could a girl want?DSCF0564


Ripple growing

So I have finished my January project, started my next project which was inspired by my lovely walk along our beautiful beach and now the ripple blanket is growing and I’m really enjoying crocheting this…it is so therapeutic although it does require a lot of yarn so I might need to invest in some more.  Believe it or not this is now the only project that I have on the go but I am already thinking of spring/summer colours for my next project…yes…probably another blanket but maybe one that is lighter in weight as this one gets heavier by the row.DSCF0559

Ripple inspiration

Morning All,

New project started and…yes…last project still on the hook but very nearly finished.  I couldn’t resist buying some wool on my last wee trip to the city and succumbed to the gorgeous colours of Drops Nepal and of course decided to make another blanket…but what style? I needed a challenge. Then the green-eyed monster caught up with me when I saw Hookitydoodah’s post about her ripple blanket…wanted it!! So that’s my new project.

Folks, never underestimate the power of a good friend, especially one that can crochet better than you…a big thank you to my friend Lizzy for instructing me on the ripple pattern. Who would have thought she would have had so much patience!!!

I have ripped this out so many times and I’m still not convinced that I have it right but as usual, I’ll keep going and see what it turns out like.  Didn’t buy enough wool though so I had to rummage around in my stash and finally found some equal weighted yarn to add a little more colour and make it bespoke. Gained some inspiration this morning when I went walkies along the beach…so beautiful I couldn’t help take a photo or two and the waves reminded me of my ripple pattern and I felt duty bound to borrow a few pebbleDSCF0550s to sit along side my blanket 🙂DSCF0546

A growing blanket

So…an update on my latest creation…it’s coming along nicely although I’m not sure about the dark purple colour…hmmmm…will continue with it and finish the project as there’s nothing worse than another U.F.O. in my yarn basket.


….well…maybe not today….

Oh this made me smile…a lot.  Anyone daring to crochet naked?? Yep I didn’t think so…me neither especially since it feels like minus 40 outside and I’m sitting at the kitchen table with my back to the radiator, wearing two jumpers and I still have my woolly scarf wrapped around my neck and tucked into jumper number two.  Maybe another time.

Can’t wait…must crochet!

I am developing my patience however when it comes to crocheting then it’s out the window. I had to pay a visit to my local stash shop and purchase some more lovely yarn. Now I must tell you that visiting this shop is not the wonderful experience that we would all love to have when we decide to create another crochet masterpiece (lol!) and support our local traders whilst doing so. No…this is not a pleasant experience mainly due to the fact the the owners of the shop (mum and daughter) are devoid of any habitual social skills which would encourage a customer to return and repeat their experience. Absolutely no interest is taken in establishing what you might be crocheting, knitting etc. and no conversation passes their lips unless they are forced to respond to a genuine question and then and only then do they wake up and take notice of you. So, there I was in the shop deciding what colours to buy and the assistant didn’t even take the time to say hello or even look my way and let’s face it, I’m not small by any means so you would notice me if I entered the 10 x 10 shop. Granted I do like to take my time browsing over the colours, matching them up, maybe choosing different brands and maybe, just maybe putting them all back and starting the deciding process over again but I always buy something and on this recent occasion I spent quite a bit of my hard earned cash (well ok it’s maybe not hard earned but I do have to show up at work to get the money). Anyway I actually got a thank you from the daughter and a smile; possibly due to the fact that I bought 12 balls of lovely yarn or maybe she had wind and I mistook it for a smile..I’ll probably never know…..
Anyway here is my purchase…well what could fit into the basket. DSCF0539

Walkies in the Wind

So living up here in the north coast of Ireland has its advantages.  Like today, for example when I walked back home from the next town along the coast.  Weather was….windy…damp and decidedly cold; and these were just some of the views I experienced so I decided to take a wee snap and let you see them too. I have finished my January project i.e. my stripey blanket and I really could have done with draping it around my shoulders as I walked today and maybe tying it around my legs too…it was so cold although I thoroughly enjoyed my walk and, of course, the views.  Oh and maybe you would like to see the blanket too?? Here it is…crocheted in aran weight wool with half trebles and bordered and finished with a scalloped edge of slip stitch and 4 double crochets into every 4th slip stitch.. Looks quite nice 🙂

phone photos 048

phone photos 047DSCF0535